Contact Information

Address and Phone

2111 S. Center Blvd.
Springfield, OH 45506
Phone: 937-325-0619
Fax: 937-325-0693

Email Directory

✉ Church Office and General Information

Bobby Hile
Senior Pastor

Jason Carrier
Community Development and Global Outreach

Jason Naill
Music and Worship Arts

Brian Solomon
Children and Family Ministries

Libby Aker
Pre-K Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Jeff Anderson
Maintenance Director

Megan Baumgardner
Communications Coordinator

✉ Dan Cecil
Volunteer Coordinator

Pat Cook
Interim Director of Student Ministries

Teresa Dolph
Business Manager

✉ Shawna Grafton
Administrative Assistant

✉ Sara Hile
Administrative Assistant

Jordan Hellwig
Video Production Coordinator

Sheila Schetter
Office Assistant

✉ Kristy Shaw
Maintenance Assistant

Caitlin Shumaker
Wedding Coordinator

Photo Removal Process 

If for any reason at all you would like you and/or your child's picture removed from any site belonging to Southgate (website or Facebook), please contact the church office for instructions on how to have the image(s) removed.