Women's Ministries Fall Retreat

The retreat is from Friday evening at 7PM on November 13th through Saturday at 5PM on November 14th.  The retreat is a great place to get connected and enjoy times of worship, teaching, and fellowship!

Due to COVID, the retreat will now be at The Hope Hotel (823 Chidlaw Road, Dayton). You can choose to either spend the night or commute each day from home. 

The retreat pricing is based on your room choice.  If you do choose to commute, you will choose WEEKEND CONFERENCE ONLY on your registration.  Pricing and details as listed below:

$50 non-refundable deposit + $145 for 1/room  = $195

$50 non-refundable deposit + $87 for 2/room = $137 per person

$50 non-refundable deposit + $70 for 3/room = $120 per person

$50 non-refundable deposit + $65 for 4/room = $115 per person

$50 non-refundable deposit + $35 for WEEKEND CONFERENCE ONLY = $85

As we continue to closely monitor statewide regulations of COVID, please know that if the retreat is canceled, a full refund will be made for each person.

The retreat schedule:

Friday - 
7PM - Session 1

Saturday -
7-9:30AM - Breakfast
9:30AM - Group devotions
10:45AM - Session 2
12-3PM - Free time
3PM - Session 3

Jenny Wood

The Hope Hotel (Dayton)

Date / Time

Registration closed on Sunday, November 8, 2020