Equip-U Classes

Looking for a way to connect within Southgate? We offer Equip-U Classes on Sunday mornings as well as one class offering on Wednesday evenings.

Because we value spiritual maturity, we purpose to Equip God's People. These courses are designed to equip you and prepare you for your service to Christ. 

We invite you to visit some of the classes listed below and see where you fit best. For more information about any of the Equip-U classes, contact us or individual group leaders.

This agenda of classes will run June 11th through August 27th

Women's Elective
Fear and Faith by Trillia Newbell  

Failure, rejection, sickness, losing a loved one, being alone - the fears we carry are many and heavy. Fear can be a tyrant, a bully we can't hide from. It can paralyze our spirit, damage our relationships, and hinder our faith. When we're struck with fear, where do we turn? Can God really be trusted? 

In five heartfelt sessions based on her book, Fear and Faith: Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves, speaker and author Trillia Newbell invites women to explore their fears and how those fears impact their relationships, self-esteem, peace of mind, and walk with God. Whatever your fear, you will realize you are not alone, nor are you without hope. You have the One who can calm your fears, grow your faith, and give the peace your heart craves. 

Led By: Sara Hile and Jenny Wood 
Location: Fellowship Hall 

Men's Elective
The Game is on the Line: A Study of 1 Peter 

As the title suggests, the game is on the line with Peter's first epistle. What does a believing man do to live out the faith in a hostile environment without losing hope or becoming bitter? How do we get victory as we wait for Christ's return? Men of all ages, we will gather in the "locker room" to study Peter's game plan and get equipped to execute the strategy that leads to victory. Join us for an exciting interactive study. 

Led By: Pastoral Staff
Location: Upper Room 

Combined Elective 
The Gospel Project 

This summer series is designed to keep parents tracking with the same lessons their children are doing in Sunday School. The Gospel Project for Adults takes men and women on a chronological, Christ-centered journey through the storyline of Scripture. Participants will encounter God's plan of redemption in Scripture through the study of the biblical narrative, the essential doctrines of faith, and the call to join God's mission locally and around the world. 

Led By: Dennis Moritz and John McGillivray 
Location: Choir Room