Equip-U Classes

Looking for a way to connect within Southgate? We offer Equip-U Classes on Sunday mornings as well as one class offering on Wednesday evenings.

Because we value spiritual maturity, we purpose to Equip God's People. These courses are designed to equip you and prepare you for your service to Christ. 

We invite you to visit some of the classes listed below and see where you fit best. For more information about any of the Equip-U classes, contact us or individual group leaders.

This agenda of classes will run March 12th through May 21st. 

Churchworks: Leadership within the Bride  

‘Church'.  We know what it is and what it feels like to attend.  We might even be able to explain what it’s supposed to do.  But what really makes church work as Christ intended?  This installment of ChurchWorks will address the biblical roles and dynamics between church leadership and her congregation.  Ultimately seeking to embrace God’s design for seeing the church work to its fullest!  

Led By: Pastor Jason Carrier 
Location: Room 210-211

The Song of Marriage  

This class is designed to help married and engaged couples explore God's plan for relationships, love and marriage. It will address real-world relationship issues like dating, romance, intimacy, conflict, restoration and cultivating true commitment. Video curriculum from pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman entitled, “The Song” will provide straightforward Bible teaching from the Old Testament book, The Song of Solomon. Pastor Bobby and his wife Sara will facilitate lively discussions from the video and the Scripture.

Led By: Pastor Bobby Hile and Sara Hile 
Location: Fellowship Hall 

Spiritual Formation: The Godward Life 

We will highlight nine areas of godly spiritual growth to shape us into the image of Christ.  This class will incorporate interactive discussions and videos to engage the topics.  Come and grow Godward!

Led By: Pastor Jason Naill
Location: Room 221-222

Facilitated Prayer Time 

Prayer is vital to our individual lives and our corporate lives as a church. This class is designed as a time dedicated to prayer. This group will meet each week to pray for one another, our church, our community, and our country. Please feel free to join us any week.

Led By: Pastor-Elder Evan Hellwig 
Location: Senior Pastor Office 

*The first Tuesday of each month, we will hold a day of fasting and prayer which will be concluded with a prayer service in the Auditorium at 7:00PM. 

Membership Class

Are you contemplating church membership? This class is designed for those seeking to belong to Southgate to aid them in understanding how membership works and how Southgate works. We will explore roles and responsibilities, purpose and mission, the distinctives of church, and God’s design. Class instruction is interactive, dynamic, and engaging.

Led By: Pastor Brian Solomon and Pastor-Elder Dennis Moritz
Location: Conference Room

Becoming Faithbuilders 

This close-knit group consists of a diversity of family types - older singles, divorced mothers, parents of teens, parents of college students, and empty nesters who are starting to care for their aging parents. Bible and book studies are taught in a group discussion setting. Quarterly class socials help to encourage loving connections.

Led By: Dan Schetter 
Location: Upper Room 223-224


Most of the members of this class fit into the 55 and above age range, but every age is welcome. Strong biblical teaching and genuine care for one another epitomizes this class  that also meets during the week in home groups in Springfield and Cedarville. We also are committed to an outreach ministry at Good Shepherd Nursing Home Facility the first Sunday of each month. 

Led By: Pastor-Elder John McGillivray 
Location: Choir Room 

Women of Faith 

If you are looking for an Equip-U class exclusively for women that often come to church alone, due to the effects of divorce, widowhood, a spouse that is a non-attender, or if you are a single woman (college age & above) this may be the class for you. Here you will find a place of support, care, and prayer.

Led By: Barb Adams
Location: Room 102

Equip-U Evening Class

Spiritual Leadership 

Wednesday Evenings at 6:30PM

This class is designed to help understand the biblical concept of leadership along with its principles and practices. It will address such questions as: What is spiritual leadership? What is the foundation? How does it work within a church? What are the different styles of leadership? How can one improve their leadership?

Led By: Pastor Bobby Hile 
Location: Conference Room