Under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, the pastor-elders are accountable for spiritual, ministry, and financial health of Southgate Baptist Church. Men are selected based on the qualifications set forth in the New Testament. This board is made up of four full-time staff pastor-elders and nine lay pastor-elders.

Jason Carrier

Danny Cecil

Drake Dingeman

Joe Faust

Tim Greenwood

Joe Gummel

Evan Hellwig

Bobby Hile, Senior Pastor


David Hoskins

John McGillivray

Dennis Moritz

Jason Naill 

Brian Solomon




Following the New Testament’s instructions, deacons have been appointed to serve the body of Christ at Southgate. Deacons are split between four congregational care groups to facilitate serving the church body.

A-D Care Group

Steve Coffman

Scott Crosby

Howard May

Tom Wolverton, Chairman

David Whited


E-K Care Group

Paul Daulton

Scott Howell

Caleb Mounts

Dave Stinger, Secretary


L-R Care Group

Mike Barnett

Scott Gilbreth

Kevin Schleinitz

Jordan Shumaker


S-Z Care Group

Scott Aker, Vice Chairman

Adam Edgeworth

Danny Faust

Joe Ivancic

Roger Storer